Printer cartridge suffer from a large number of interaction problems.  I worked with industrial designers, hardware engineers, box/packaging designers, and others to investigate the problems that resulted in printer damage, calls to technical support, returns and general customer dissatisfaction. 


My contributions:

Analysis of existing technical support data

Review of problems found in usability tests

Review of problems found in longitudinal studies

Competitive testing with other printers

Usability testing with redesigned packaging

  • sketches

  • test plans

  • recruiting

  • A/B testing with proposed designs

  • moderating

  • analysis

  • presentation of results


Many of the same UX processes were carried out for each of the printers I worked on.  However, the type of testing performed was dependent on the schedule, budget, number and types of changes from previous printer, etc. 


In order to investigate potential usability problems, I have:

  • created and tested paper prototypes

  • designed, deployed and analyzed surveys

  • written scripts for and organized focus groups

  • benchmarks and competitive analysis

  • performed heuristic analysis

  • deployed in-home, longitudinal studies

  • developed participant screeners

  • analyzed data and presented results

  • performed other activities important to assessing, testing and confirming the usability of products